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Hucci N-Core Contest 2012

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N-Core and Hucci, two of the sexiest brands in Second Life have collaborated again to bring you an exciting winter photo contest! Hucci and N-Core are giving away a total of L$50,000 in cash! We are looking for photos that have a sexy fashion look.  We are looking for pictures that capture the essence of both brands, something vibrant, fun and sexy.



Grand Prize

L$ 25,000 Cash

Photo displayed in both Hucci and N-Core Stores


Second Place

L$15,000 Cash

Photo displayed in both Hucci and N-Core Stores


Third Place

L$ 10,000 Cash

Photo displayed in both Hucci and N-Core Stores


Previous Winners


● Products from both brands must be visible on the avatar in the image.

● Pictures must be posted to Flickr, tagged N-CoreHucci2012, and added to both the N-Core Official Flickr Group and the Hucci Flickr Group.

●Only the avatar posting the picture will be paid the prize. We will only pay one avatar, if you are splitting the prize that is your responsibility.

● You agree that your image may be displayed at N-Core and Hucci Stores.

● Entries accepted from January 8, 2012 until February 8, 2012.

● You must be searchable in Second Life Search so we can contact you.



Eligible products

HUCCI                                                                    N-CORE

♦ Kryptonite Dress                                          ♦ N-core “Posion”

♦ Malaysia Dress                                              ♦ N-core “Ultraplatform”

♦ Ladder Dress                                                  ♦ N-core “Coquette”

♦ H.B.W. Dress                                                  ♦ N-core “Coquette Glitter Edition”

♦ Mid V Cuts Dress                                         ♦ N-core “Casting”

♦ Hucci Block Dress                                       ♦ N-core “Chance”

♦ Skyline Dress                                                ♦ N-core “Etoile”

♦ LS Lace Dress                                               ♦ N-core “Femme”

♦ V Sequin Dress                                            ♦Any New Releases until Contest Ends

♦ LaSalle Dress

♦ D’Ann Accessories

♦Any New Releases until Contest Ends




Post processing of images allowed, but please no morphs. We want to see beautiful Second Life avatars

Previous Contest Winners are not eligible

Make sure you tag the images N-CoreHucci2012 or they won’t be eligible

Submissions via Second Life will not be accepted

You can wear other content creator items but the focus should be Hucci and N-Core products


Winners will be announced by February 15, 2012 in both the N-Core and Hucci update groups  via notecard, on Flickr, and blogged on the Hucci Website.


Flickr Groups





Visit Hucci  Visit N-Core

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